Tips For Safely Transporting Your Bride’s Dress To Italy

For most women, the wedding dress represents the dearest, most important item of clothing they will ever buy. It’s that one unique dress that perfectly matches their body shape and size, and makes them look and feel gorgeous. Most ladies picture how their wedding gown will look like from a young age. They draw sketches in their head and imagine themselves walking down the aisle wearing those amazing dresses. However, what if you decide to have your wedding in a divine location, say, all the way to Italy? How will you handle the logistics of safely transporting your dress to the actual location without any interference and extra hassle? Let’s take a look at a few realistic steps you could take to make sure your beloved wedding gown will reach your wedding destination right on time and with zero damage.

Decide Upon The Best Transportation Solution

  • Talk to the shop that will make your wedding gown and learn what are a few of the most reliable transportation solutions you could opt for. You could choose between a sturdier storage box or a plastic cover; each of these alternatives comes with its pros and cons. Make sure you know what they are and choose carefully.

  • A simple plastic cover may be able to protect your dress at a more superficial level, but at the same time keep it away from any accidental spills.

  • A plastic box, on the other hand, will usually handle improper airport manipulation by the TSA personnel. Depending on the persons who will be traveling together with your bride’s dress, you could choose one option or the other.

Carry Your Wedding Gown On Boardwedding dress

  • It is recommended to take your wedding gown along with you on the airplane’s board to treat it as hand luggage. The majority of today’s airline companies should have no problem allowing you to do this. However, for extra safety, make sure that you get in touch with them and have them confirm you can take your dress on board.

  • Know their carry-on baggage size and weight and any other additional requirements they may have in terms of packaging.

  • Some international planes tend to use smaller overhead compartments than the ones you are probably used to in the US.  See if you can buy priority boarding so you can have plenty of time to get to the airport, check-in and properly and safely pace your dress in the overhead compartment without the rest of the passengers pushing and shoveling you.

  • If possible, try to get there as early as you can and you see that you can take advantage of the free space in the storage compartment, especially if you will be dealing with a delayed flight to Italy.

Opt For The Garment Hanging Closet

This is yet another viable solution you could consider. If you are lucky enough to find room in the closet most airlines use for hanging garments, you should spend your flight relaxing and playing your favorite online roulette games. Most airlines offer WiFi and access to online casino portals and other games during the flights, so you should also be able to get rid of some of your flight anxiety, of you have it. Your wedding gown should be properly stored and transported in the respective closet and reach your destination in pristine form.

Nevertheless, keep in mind you will need to be patient enough for the airline company to give priority to passengers carrying wheelchairs or bicycles that cannot be stored in the overhead compartment.

Buy An Extra Seat On The Plane For Your Wedding Dress

If you can afford it, purchase an additional seat for your wedding gown and make sure you enjoy more peace of mind. Most brides end to be over-stressed for several reasons. Do not let the logistics of having to transport your bride’s dress to Italy to be one of them.

If you cannot afford the additional expense, you could place it in a plastic bag and store it in a dedicated suitcase you will use for this purpose alone. Do not place any items on top of the dress inside the suitcase so it can freely breathe and reach the destination unharmed.

Mark All Your Luggage

Make sure you write down the exact contact information needed for someone to get in touch with you provided your bags were to get lost in the airport. Include details on how to reach your wedding location.

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