Should You Spend Too Much on a Wedding?

To overspend or not to overspend, this is the question and this is what we will strive to answer today. There have been many suggestions about weddings – whether it’s just an old-fashioned tradition that signifies something.

In fact, cheating is just really a matter of being bored. In one study published in Business Insider, it turned out that men who made over 70% of the household income are far less likely to cheat than any male counterpart who earned lower than 70% of the house income.

Validation, it seems, is a powerful income for men. Even then, the question of a wedding shouldn’t be entirely off the table. Some people – who look at life frugally – are much happier not to bring it up, but others think that this is a way to grease the cogwheels of the commitment they have made to each other.

It’s definitely not without its challenges, but being part of a relationship also should translate into something ‘bigger.’ A wedding is our way of stating – loud and clear – our determination to be married to a person.

Now, the real question is – how much should you spend?

Pick Your Guests Smartly, Pick Your Venue Carefully

Now, there are some ballyhooed places where everyone is flocking to have their wedding. The question is – are they really worth it? In most times it’s just the hype of people choosing the same venue as someone close to them did – a good restaurant is definitely worth it; people seem to say.

Now, whether it is, is an entirely personal choice and there’s very little that you can do to change people’s minds about it. But the thing is – you need to pick your own venue and do so in accordance with what you like.

Should You Spend Too Much on a Wedding?

Don’t go after a fad, but rather sit down and think why you want to make sure that this is your special place. It could be the place where you met your spouse-to-be, or it could be something of equal importance.

Then again, you can just go completely wacky and have your wedding in some exotic destination. Some people are more ostentatious and they want the world to see whereas others just prefer to enjoy themselves by focusing on some zany place.

And then comes the question of who’s invited. Should you just have all your friends over? Science suggests that you most certainly should – people are far less likely to divorce if you actually have a bigger wedding.

It’s something to do with you being embarrassed about eloping on your loved one when so many people are going to find out. Oh, yes – this is society’s own checks and balances and it works a treat.

What Can Go Wrong?

Pretty much everything. The venue’s power may cut out, the DJ may fail to show up, there could be a food poisoning that takes everyone out and ruins your special day – the weather can suddenly start acting up. In fact, there is so much that can go wrong that you will often find yourself stressing over all these details.

One of the more uncomfortable situations is when someone locks himself out of the car, but there are no taxis to be found. Then, you got to call a cheap car lockout service and hope that they would be able to help.

The unpredictability of getting hitched is definitely one of the most exciting things about the whole situation. I do recommend that you have a look around and make sure to safeguard yourself against all of the ‘impervious’ as the French called them.

In other words, that’s the ‘unpredicted’ events that may come your way. Life is one big challenge. You think that you have just sorted something big out, but then there is another challenge that comes your way and you are like – alright, I must do this.

Well, a wedding is one of those big challenges, only this time – you have a whole ordeal of smaller challenges to sift through and try to solve. This is life for you – one after another, these challenges just grow on you and you are in the habit to expect them, but also to have a way out.

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