Istanbul Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Home to some 15 million people, Istanbul is Turkey’s jewel in the west of the country. Bridging between Europe and Asia, the city is a place where cultures come together. London may be called the melting pot, but Istanbul is no different, with the constant comings and goings of hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Travelling to Turkey should certainly feature Istanbul on your itinerary. Once there, you will find yourself with loads on your hands to do. The place is as beautiful as it is massive. While most cities’ central areas are relatively small, Istanbul sprawls and sprawls.

Trying to get from Point A to Point B is often a four-hour walk and you still need to cross bridges to fully enjoy and appreciate the city. Its unique position makes the city a breath-taking touristic attraction that you will want to explore on your own time and again.

The Beauty of Istanbul Starts with Its Sights

Once you arrive in Istanbul there will be tons to see and do. Some people opt for a three-day pass to make sure that they can visit as many places as they want to without having to stop and pay everywhere. The pass costs around $130. Since Istanbul has too much to offer, you are probably wondering – which sights should we pick ourselves. Some of the best places to visit, include:

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

  • Basillica Cistern

  • The Blue Mosque

  • Grand Bazaar

  • Dolmabahçe Saray

  • Asmalı Cavit

Each of these sights will take you a few hours to explore in full. The best bit is that you can always swing by some new place to grab a quick eat, freshen up and head out onto the next sight. Planning the restaurants you want to see is also interesting.

Of course, nobody expects you to be that into choosing where to grab a bite based on research. However, you might want to consider House Cafe Istanbul Ortakoy, which offers a great vista of the city and the sea. Once you sit down to try the local cuisine, you will probably want to know what the best local dishes are? Well, a handful already come to mind, including:

  • Baclava

  • Köfte

  • Börek

  • Lokum

  • Meze

There are many different dishes you will want to try. It helps to note down the ones that you want to try and it’s even better to have a Turkish friend along with you to help you translate the dishes, although Istanbul is full of English speakers and you can expect them to help you pick the best dishes right at the restaurant.

A small drawback is that the Turkish Lira and Euro aren’t exactly pegged, so if you have a Turkish friend, it’s always smarter to let them do the ordering for you. It’s a clever trick to use when you are travelling around Turkey.

Accommodation in Istanbul

Hotels in Turkey are opulent and Istanbul provides you with countless opportunities to enjoy yourself to five-star hotels that come at a surprisingly affordable rate.  You can treat yourself to a variety of high-end properties at a very affordable cost. Three nights in a five-star hotel would cost around EUR 800, which just goes to show that so far as quality goes, Istanbul has a lot to offer.

In terms of nightlife and distractions, you will find the city bustling with life. There are all forms of entertainment and not all are necessarily offline. While recovering from half of your day’s trip, you can always find some time to play real money pokies at Just keep in mind that you are on a trip, and you needn’t spend too much time indoors.

Speaking of accommodation, hotels are surely one of the best places to book, but you should equally consider Airbnb. With some digging, you can save yourself 400% off the price of any property and spend this money on leisure while travelling across the city.

Still, you will need to take into consideration that unlike hotels, Airbnbs don’t have saunas, spas, and swimming pools, so the price of a hotel is actually well worth it when you come to think about it.

Enjoy Istanbul and Come Back Again

Even at the end of a four-day journey, there will still be things left for you to do in Istanbul. Coming back to this beautiful city is an option. With the Turkish Lira losing some of its value, you have an extra incentive – better experience at a slightly reduced rate, which is always great!

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