5 Cities to Visit in Poland

Traveling is loads of fun, but finding a destination where you can do things and never run out of new things to do is rare. This is why visiting a country that offers a variety of interesting destinations is always a good idea. One such country is Poland. Located in central Europe, Poland has really come a long way after the big geopolitical shifts in Europe in the early 1990s.


Today, visiting Poland could as well be tantamount to never-ending fun. There are tons of cool cities you would want to visit, but the main ones certainly will catch your eye. If you are wondering what should be on your list of recommended stops, this list is for you:


  • Wroclaw

  • Gdansk

  • Katowice

  • Krakow

  • Warsaw


Before you set out on the journey, it could be a good idea to get some basic drugs ordered from a pharmacy. Poland doesn't sell drugs without a prescription, so you might want to visit places such as https://www.pharmazea.de/ to make sure that you have everything ready for the journey.


Visiting the Capital – Warsaw


Visiting Warsaw is loads of fun and the city is very open-minded. The city is one of the safest in Europe and it has truly cosmopolitan dimensions. Even though it may appear a tad conservative, Warsaw has tons to offer to old and new visitors and you will certainly want to have a day out by Wisla, will get to enjoy a very pleasant stay on the river shores. There are multiple events going at any one point and you can purchase soft drinks and tasty snacks. Public is not allowed in public unless you are at a restaurant in Poland, so do keep this in mind if you have an urge to take some brew down to the river shore.


Certainly, you will be able to find all sorts of things to do in Warsaw. From doing some light shopping, to swinging by tech stores and specialist shops, it is all possible. When visiting pharmacists in Poland, you should know that you will always need a prescription to collect most drugs.


Gdansk – A Cool City by the Sea


Gdansk is a cool city and it has Scandinavian design written all over it. The architecture of the city is truly outstanding and you will love to just walk around the city and enjoy yourself a fair while. There is really cool sights to see in Gdansk, but you might want to avoid winters thee. Gdansk's weather is bitter and that makes perfect sense given the location of the city


Katowice – Great Spot for Video Gaming


Katowice is a former industrial city which has some catching up to do when it comes to how it looks, but just like any other city in Poland, progress can be seen and the cranes are already up and perforating the city's sky line. In the city center, you can find a mix of old and new buildings, with Katowice trying to find a new authentic look for itself.


It certainly helps when there is a river flowing though the city center and while the old buildings are still there, reminding the city of its perhaps less glorious past of the city. Yet, Katowice is bound to shape up as a beautiful place to live in, a few years from now.


Krakow – The City of Kings


Krakow is another famous destination in Poland. In fact, it's one of the most loved cities when it comes to tourism an that is no surprise really. There is a lot to see and do in Krakow. From career opportunities to pursuing your personal happiness, the city offers it all.


Modern buildings are sprouting up all the time, but the truth is that the city has a lot of cultural heritage to offer. The castle by the river is one of the most iconic sight in the city and Krakow's beautiful architecture adds immense value to the charm of the city.


Wroclaw – A Great Megalopolis to Visit


Wroclaw is an equally exciting city in Poland. The Old Town is iconic and it will definitely appeal to you even if you are not into history. Other than that, Wroclaw also offers a taste of Poland's brilliant architecture which will make your stay in the city way more picturesque.

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