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Celebrating Chocolate!

My thoughts exactly!

Smell it, lick it, drink it, spread it, crunch it, live it!

Today is the 12th February and it feels like Christmas.  The snow is falling for the first time in Florence, the glowing stores are rejuvenating shoppers by inhaling them off the streets, warming their toes and cheeks, showering them with glittering sales bags, and delivering them back into the crisp air.  More importantly however, the annual chocolate fair is on…Hallelujah indeed!  Piazza Repubblica is literally oozing with cocoa in every form and I smile inside.  If it weren’t for the brave South American street artists blowing out the theme tune to ‘Titanic’ on their pipes, the scene would have been pretty close to perfection!  On one of the coldest days of the year so far, a hub of Italy’s master chocolatiers, in fur hats the size of enormous cakes, proudly display their goods and offer samples of chocolate salami, lavender truffles and spreadable white chocolate – all hand-made.

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