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A Dream Weekend in Tuscany

Tuscany midsummer

I was once asked by an Italian why the Brits love Italy so much and found myself reeling off the obvious attractions: climate, food & wine, scenery and the relaxed way of life.  At the disappointment on my friend’s face and his response “Yes, but it must go deeper than that”, I as a Brit living in Italy felt frustrated and a little ignorant as to why I couldn’t provide a more substantial historical or socio-economic explanation.

Podere Paugnano

Podere Paugnano

The truth is, as a wedding planner in Italy, I welcome numerous British clients out here each year to celebrate their nuptials and without fail the reasons cited for choosing this country are; sunshine, cuisine, views and the laid back vibe.  These elements constitute a snapshot of human well-being so often represented in the media by an image of an outdoor Italian dining table.  For a nation of umbrella wielding, self-conscious bad cooks – the appeal is all too obvious.  Add the short distance travel time and it’s a no brainer!

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