Duffy the Don of pre-digital

You soon realize that everyone is an artist in some shape or form, as everything you see can be regarded as art in some shape or form.  Living is creating.  The artists that get a name for themselves have the characters that get noticed.  “Is a plug socket art?…it is if you say it is.”  Brian Duffy, 2011. “My work ended up being 99% advertising…crap!” he reflects.  “Remember that all artists talk too much and talk mostly rubbish, including me.”  Exhibition DUFFY – A Photographic Genius currently showing at The Alinari Photography Museum in Florence until 25th March 2012.

Brian Duffy British photographer of Swinging London

Brian Duffy British photographer shoots for Vogue, Ponte Vecchio 1964

Brian Duffy British photographer

Duffy - photographer of Swinging London - for French Elle 1975


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