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A Marriage That Will Last

It's true that some marriages just last longer. The signs of a good or bad marriage are there long before a divorce happens. In fact, they are there even before a man proposes to a woman. It's important to understand the psychology of marriages, as there are several well-established reasons why people tie the knot.

For starters, people do it out of purely social and religious reasons. Granted, this is becoming far less common in the 21st century, but a lot of progressive Christians, for example, still uphold marriage as a virtue.

With this reason clarified, other people just believe that it's the next step for the progression of a relation – this is usually the best one. There are also those people who wouldn't mind a tax write off. After all married couples tend to have more kids – or so a common idea swirls around.

Lastly, there are the four type of people or reason for marriage, and that's where most marriages flounder – you only marry someone to try to keep them or to save an already failing relationship. This usually ends up badly.

So, what are the tips and tricks that would make a marriage last?

A Big Wedding

Surprisingly, the bigger wedding you have, the less likely your chance of failure is. Speaking of which, big weddings are not very common today. However, there is an inherent psychology of the whole thing and that is specifically that people respond to scrutiny from others.

Put simply, the more people you invite, the more people would be criticizing or at least discussing you over your failed marriage. This is a natural deterrent for many people who find themselves willing to break all ties with their significant other.

Idyllic Bride and Groom scene

For better or for worse this prompts such couples to seek professional counseling which may or may not help them achieve the results they need. In any event, a big wedding is famously one of the main deterrents against marries gone bad, and it's perhaps never a bad idea to make sure you are also using this method to stay away from trouble later on.

Have Time for Yourself

Yes, you will share a lifetime with your partner, and there is no shame in that. Yet, you need to understand that you will still have desires and interests that your partner won't necessarily like. Instead of forcing these on them, you may just find an outlet for those desires.

For instance, you could be a big casino aficionado, but your partner would probably not be too crazy about these venues. Yet, you can enjoy yourself by picking the best casino Canada and spending some time online to achieve a fulfilling experience rather than spending a whole evening at a land-based casino.

Of course, your hobby needn't be linked to gaming alone. Whatever it is that makes you happy, make sure to communicate it with your partner.

Communication Always Works

If you are coming into your relation with honesty and appreciation for the other person, then there is no reason to fear that your relationship might finish prematurely. Just the opposite. To prevent anything of the sort, you will need to appreciate communication and how important it can truly be. With this being said, you will need to communicate with your partner and tell them when you are completely okay with a particular development, whatever that is.

People tend to think that they need to refrain from commenting on something their partner does – this is true up to the point that it's going to save you the trouble of immediately confronting your partner, but it will eventually lead to resentment.

Ultimately, you don't want to erode the foundations on a good marriage by not having the courage to think on your feet and tell your significant other what you expect from them. This could be something that has to do with the overall cleanliness of a person – let's face it – when we settle down we tend to be a little messier or to put on some weight – or something else.

It doesn't matter so much as you talk and resolve it – sometimes you might even change your point of view and understand your partner as to why they do something in a way they do. Of course, any marriage takes work – constant work, so it's not easier.

Some people also probably miss their youthful days, but this is no reason to be upset as well.

5 Cities to Visit in Poland

Traveling is loads of fun, but finding a destination where you can do things and never run out of new things to do is rare. This is why visiting a country that offers a variety of interesting destinations is always a good idea. One such country is Poland. Located in central Europe, Poland has really come a long way after the big geopolitical shifts in Europe in the early 1990s.


Today, visiting Poland could as well be tantamount to never-ending fun. There are tons of cool cities you would want to visit, but the main ones certainly will catch your eye. If you are wondering what should be on your list of recommended stops, this list is for you:


  • Wroclaw

  • Gdansk

  • Katowice

  • Krakow

  • Warsaw


Before you set out on the journey, it could be a good idea to get some basic drugs ordered from a pharmacy. Poland doesn't sell drugs without a prescription, so you might want to visit places such as to make sure that you have everything ready for the journey.


Visiting the Capital – Warsaw


Visiting Warsaw is loads of fun and the city is very open-minded. The city is one of the safest in Europe and it has truly cosmopolitan dimensions. Even though it may appear a tad conservative, Warsaw has tons to offer to old and new visitors and you will certainly want to have a day out by Wisla, will get to enjoy a very pleasant stay on the river shores. There are multiple events going at any one point and you can purchase soft drinks and tasty snacks. Public is not allowed in public unless you are at a restaurant in Poland, so do keep this in mind if you have an urge to take some brew down to the river shore.


Certainly, you will be able to find all sorts of things to do in Warsaw. From doing some light shopping, to swinging by tech stores and specialist shops, it is all possible. When visiting pharmacists in Poland, you should know that you will always need a prescription to collect most drugs.


Gdansk – A Cool City by the Sea


Gdansk is a cool city and it has Scandinavian design written all over it. The architecture of the city is truly outstanding and you will love to just walk around the city and enjoy yourself a fair while. There is really cool sights to see in Gdansk, but you might want to avoid winters thee. Gdansk's weather is bitter and that makes perfect sense given the location of the city


Katowice – Great Spot for Video Gaming


Katowice is a former industrial city which has some catching up to do when it comes to how it looks, but just like any other city in Poland, progress can be seen and the cranes are already up and perforating the city's sky line. In the city center, you can find a mix of old and new buildings, with Katowice trying to find a new authentic look for itself.


It certainly helps when there is a river flowing though the city center and while the old buildings are still there, reminding the city of its perhaps less glorious past of the city. Yet, Katowice is bound to shape up as a beautiful place to live in, a few years from now.


Krakow – The City of Kings


Krakow is another famous destination in Poland. In fact, it's one of the most loved cities when it comes to tourism an that is no surprise really. There is a lot to see and do in Krakow. From career opportunities to pursuing your personal happiness, the city offers it all.


Modern buildings are sprouting up all the time, but the truth is that the city has a lot of cultural heritage to offer. The castle by the river is one of the most iconic sight in the city and Krakow's beautiful architecture adds immense value to the charm of the city.


Wroclaw – A Great Megalopolis to Visit


Wroclaw is an equally exciting city in Poland. The Old Town is iconic and it will definitely appeal to you even if you are not into history. Other than that, Wroclaw also offers a taste of Poland's brilliant architecture which will make your stay in the city way more picturesque.

Istanbul Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Home to some 15 million people, Istanbul is Turkey’s jewel in the west of the country. Bridging between Europe and Asia, the city is a place where cultures come together. London may be called the melting pot, but Istanbul is no different, with the constant comings and goings of hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Travelling to Turkey should certainly feature Istanbul on your itinerary. Once there, you will find yourself with loads on your hands to do. The place is as beautiful as it is massive. While most cities’ central areas are relatively small, Istanbul sprawls and sprawls.

Trying to get from Point A to Point B is often a four-hour walk and you still need to cross bridges to fully enjoy and appreciate the city. Its unique position makes the city a breath-taking touristic attraction that you will want to explore on your own time and again.

The Beauty of Istanbul Starts with Its Sights

Once you arrive in Istanbul there will be tons to see and do. Some people opt for a three-day pass to make sure that they can visit as many places as they want to without having to stop and pay everywhere. The pass costs around $130. Since Istanbul has too much to offer, you are probably wondering – which sights should we pick ourselves. Some of the best places to visit, include:

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

  • Basillica Cistern

  • The Blue Mosque

  • Grand Bazaar

  • Dolmabahçe Saray

  • Asmalı Cavit

Each of these sights will take you a few hours to explore in full. The best bit is that you can always swing by some new place to grab a quick eat, freshen up and head out onto the next sight. Planning the restaurants you want to see is also interesting.

Of course, nobody expects you to be that into choosing where to grab a bite based on research. However, you might want to consider House Cafe Istanbul Ortakoy, which offers a great vista of the city and the sea. Once you sit down to try the local cuisine, you will probably want to know what the best local dishes are? Well, a handful already come to mind, including:

  • Baclava

  • Köfte

  • Börek

  • Lokum

  • Meze

There are many different dishes you will want to try. It helps to note down the ones that you want to try and it’s even better to have a Turkish friend along with you to help you translate the dishes, although Istanbul is full of English speakers and you can expect them to help you pick the best dishes right at the restaurant.

A small drawback is that the Turkish Lira and Euro aren’t exactly pegged, so if you have a Turkish friend, it’s always smarter to let them do the ordering for you. It’s a clever trick to use when you are travelling around Turkey.

Accommodation in Istanbul

Hotels in Turkey are opulent and Istanbul provides you with countless opportunities to enjoy yourself to five-star hotels that come at a surprisingly affordable rate.  You can treat yourself to a variety of high-end properties at a very affordable cost. Three nights in a five-star hotel would cost around EUR 800, which just goes to show that so far as quality goes, Istanbul has a lot to offer.

In terms of nightlife and distractions, you will find the city bustling with life. There are all forms of entertainment and not all are necessarily offline. While recovering from half of your day’s trip, you can always find some time to play real money pokies at Just keep in mind that you are on a trip, and you needn’t spend too much time indoors.

Speaking of accommodation, hotels are surely one of the best places to book, but you should equally consider Airbnb. With some digging, you can save yourself 400% off the price of any property and spend this money on leisure while travelling across the city.

Still, you will need to take into consideration that unlike hotels, Airbnbs don’t have saunas, spas, and swimming pools, so the price of a hotel is actually well worth it when you come to think about it.

Enjoy Istanbul and Come Back Again

Even at the end of a four-day journey, there will still be things left for you to do in Istanbul. Coming back to this beautiful city is an option. With the Turkish Lira losing some of its value, you have an extra incentive – better experience at a slightly reduced rate, which is always great!

How Do You Know If They Are the One?

It's a common question and one that is very important – how can you be certain if your partner is indeed the one that you would want to marry? There are no sure-fire relationships. Every commitment could be broken – whether because it's one partner showing weakness or something else.

Yes, many people often wonder if they had the good fortune to meet someone they love and can be committed to for a lifetime. In fact, in most cases, people are happy with their relationship as long as they get along, are satisfied with their sex life and don't see the need to change any of that in a hurry. With all of this said, the question of a wedding can sometimes put a lot of stress on either of the partners.

Things could be going great, but the idea of saying – forever – is indeed one that is not immediately pleasant to some people. You may know your partner very well, but they might be opposed to the institution of marriage, to begin with. Most people say – alright, this is a clear sign that they don't really love you, but then again, there are other things to consider as well. Quite simple ones too.

There are practical considerations – as in that hosting a wedding could be worth 1/3 of buying a new home. Plus, you simply may not be religious or see the point in subscribing to this popular notion – i.e. marriage.

There is absolutely no shame in that and if you feel this way, you should absolutely speak to your partner.

If He/She Is The One, They Would Understand

If you are having problems deciding whether to get hitched, you can communicate your uncertainty and fears with your partner. This is usually the solution that helps in the majority of the cases. You should just speak to your partner and see if marriage is for you – that simple really.

How Do You Know If They Are the One?

Once you have made up your mind, you will at least know that your partner feels strongly about you – or you can change their mind and they can agree into marriage. After all, a marriage would be meaningful even if it only meant that it would make the other person happy.

There are quite a few people out there who don't really feel crazy about marriage, which is not such a big deal at all. Ultimately, the goal is to make everyone happy and marriage can be one of those ways.

So, What Kind of Wedding After All?

We will draw a parallel between locksmithing and weddings. When you start as a locksmith, you are probably going to be doing it alone. But then, some time passes on and you are probably thinking to yourself – let's get things rolling and create opportunities for something bigger. That's when you grow into a big and respected company – a good example would be

Similarly, when you start planning a wedding you would be super reluctant at first. Do we need the flowers and is Aunt Marie really on the guest list? If so, why? But then you start getting carried away and it sort of feels great.

Why not have good Aunt Marie after all? It's the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation for her and to get yourself a little further along in the good graces of the family. Circling back to one of the original qualms of wedding planning, we should let you know that the budget doesn't necessarily have to be so exorbitant.

So, you should definitely have no qualms when it comes to that. A great wedding could be hosted for $10,000. Plus, don't forget that your family and friends are very likely to just drop you some money along the way. In some cases, you might get almost the entire sum back, and that's a really great start of your life together.

Well, we say life together, but the truth is that you have probably lived together for quite a while. In any event, there is absolutely no need to bicker over the terminology and you can fully focus on your connubial bliss moving forward.

Weddings are always tons of fun to attend. You get to meet all sorts of people. See some old friends and new faces. In the long term, you will really want to make sure that you make your wedding a memorable experience. As much as it is possible. After all, it's all about you – so treat yourself with some kindness. The money will be earned back.

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Theme

How many weddings have you attended so far? Do you recall any particular one that has stuck to your memory? Did it have a certain theme? Most people avoid planning a themed wedding because they are afraid it would be too much. While you might enjoy Star Trek or Harry Potter, a wedding with one of these themes would most likely look rather peculiar. However, this does not mean that you still need to figure out what your wedding would look like. Once you will have a certain idea in mind, everything else will fall into place a lot simpler and with less hassle. You will manage to design your invitations and choose the food and drinks and all the decorations according to the theme.

Tip #1: The Location Will Determine Your Themebeach wedding

The location of your wedding will largely contribute to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you have chosen a Las Vegas venue for your wedding, you probably don’t want a Hawaii-themed wedding but rather a casino or gaming theme. You can decorate the venue and print out invitations and table decorations featuring various casino-related elements. Think in terms of red and black as the main colors or take a look at a few top casinos online that specialize in blackjack games for inspiration if you are a big fan of the game 21. You should be able to come across a series of inspirational elements that you will be able to include in your wedding theme.

Another example is if you plan on having a wedding on a beach, you could consider opting for a tropical theme and use coconut drinks and exotic fruits as snacks with inspiration from receipt sites or travel magazines. 

Tip #2: Find Inspiration online

Pinterest, Instagram and wedding sites, in general, are filled with loads of examples and creative ideas to look at, compare and contrast. Pin and save all the things you find interesting enough that you might actually use and pay attention to the path you tend to walk on. Which themes do you notice you tend to save more often than others? They are an indicator of the preferences you might have known you had.

Tip #3: The Heart Wants What It Wants

Deep down, you probably already know what your wedding will look like and what the theme will be. You just need to look at it from the right angle or make it come out to the surface one way or the other. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your future spouse and see what his or her ideas are. Figure out what you have in common and work things out. If you are both hikers or passionate about photography, you could use these elements when deciding upon a theme. Decorate your invitations using a camera or a photo you took on your most fun rip as a couple and write down the details on the back. Use a casino chip inside an envelope and write down the date of the wedding and the address of the venue if you are both passionate gamblers.

Tip #4: Think Of The Past (And Future)

What would you say your favorite moments as a couple would be? Do you have any precious holiday or vacation memories you would like to include in your wedding? Maybe you have a preferred food you had on your first date and you would like to include it in your menu, or a song you an entire playlist you would like to hear.

You should also take your time and think about your golden years and the regrets you might have concerning your wedding. Don’t choose to do certain things in the spur of the moment, out of impulse or for the wrong reasons. You may end up regretting an Elvis-themed wedding in Vegas and probably wish you would have opted for a classic theme instead. If you are the kind of person that does not have many or any regrets in life, follow your heart and instincts and plan the wedding of your dreams regardless of what others may have to say about it.

Tip #5: Hire A Wedding Planner To Help

While friends and relatives can be good sample testers when it comes to the cake you will be serving at your wedding, try not to pick their brain in terms of wedding themes. They will most likely advise you in accordance with their personal preferences and make things even more complicated. Instead, hire a local wedding planner whose job is to plan the ideal wedding and is well familiar with venues in your area. 

Tips For Safely Transporting Your Bride’s Dress To Italy

For most women, the wedding dress represents the dearest, most important item of clothing they will ever buy. It’s that one unique dress that perfectly matches their body shape and size, and makes them look and feel gorgeous. Most ladies picture how their wedding gown will look like from a young age. They draw sketches in their head and imagine themselves walking down the aisle wearing those amazing dresses. However, what if you decide to have your wedding in a divine location, say, all the way to Italy? How will you handle the logistics of safely transporting your dress to the actual location without any interference and extra hassle? Let’s take a look at a few realistic steps you could take to make sure your beloved wedding gown will reach your wedding destination right on time and with zero damage.

Decide Upon The Best Transportation Solution

  • Talk to the shop that will make your wedding gown and learn what are a few of the most reliable transportation solutions you could opt for. You could choose between a sturdier storage box or a plastic cover; each of these alternatives comes with its pros and cons. Make sure you know what they are and choose carefully.

  • A simple plastic cover may be able to protect your dress at a more superficial level, but at the same time keep it away from any accidental spills.

  • A plastic box, on the other hand, will usually handle improper airport manipulation by the TSA personnel. Depending on the persons who will be traveling together with your bride’s dress, you could choose one option or the other.

Carry Your Wedding Gown On Boardwedding dress

  • It is recommended to take your wedding gown along with you on the airplane’s board to treat it as hand luggage. The majority of today’s airline companies should have no problem allowing you to do this. However, for extra safety, make sure that you get in touch with them and have them confirm you can take your dress on board.

  • Know their carry-on baggage size and weight and any other additional requirements they may have in terms of packaging.

  • Some international planes tend to use smaller overhead compartments than the ones you are probably used to in the US.  See if you can buy priority boarding so you can have plenty of time to get to the airport, check-in and properly and safely pace your dress in the overhead compartment without the rest of the passengers pushing and shoveling you.

  • If possible, try to get there as early as you can and you see that you can take advantage of the free space in the storage compartment, especially if you will be dealing with a delayed flight to Italy.

Opt For The Garment Hanging Closet

This is yet another viable solution you could consider. If you are lucky enough to find room in the closet most airlines use for hanging garments, you should spend your flight relaxing and playing your favorite online roulette games. Most airlines offer WiFi and access to online casino portals and other games during the flights, so you should also be able to get rid of some of your flight anxiety, of you have it. Your wedding gown should be properly stored and transported in the respective closet and reach your destination in pristine form.

Nevertheless, keep in mind you will need to be patient enough for the airline company to give priority to passengers carrying wheelchairs or bicycles that cannot be stored in the overhead compartment.

Buy An Extra Seat On The Plane For Your Wedding Dress

If you can afford it, purchase an additional seat for your wedding gown and make sure you enjoy more peace of mind. Most brides end to be over-stressed for several reasons. Do not let the logistics of having to transport your bride’s dress to Italy to be one of them.

If you cannot afford the additional expense, you could place it in a plastic bag and store it in a dedicated suitcase you will use for this purpose alone. Do not place any items on top of the dress inside the suitcase so it can freely breathe and reach the destination unharmed.

Mark All Your Luggage

Make sure you write down the exact contact information needed for someone to get in touch with you provided your bags were to get lost in the airport. Include details on how to reach your wedding location.

Italy’s Cuisine: Paradise on Earth

Italy is one of those rare countries where people have managed to achieve a quality of life without appearing in any particular hurry. The country’s national cuisine is world-renowned and it changes lives all over the world. Yes, spaghetti and macaroni, lasagna and pizza may sound like something too boring, but the simple truth is that it’s thanks to Italians we consume some of the tastiest foods today.

So, a question naturally comes – what makes Italian cuisine such an exquisite feast, sort of a triumph of life itself. Well, there are many reasons.

Don’t Underestimate Carbs

Italians have a national diet that consists of all sorts of treats, including carbohydrates. Some may dismiss pasta as the source of extra weight around the waistline, but others know that a good diet should satiate you.

Carbohydrates are good calories and far better than any meat or animal food you can eat, other than fish perhaps. So, Italy loves its pasta and that’s a fact. The spaghetti can come in so many different variations that it’s difficult not to find something that appeals to your palette specifically:

  • Farfalle

  • Shells

  • Campanelle

  • Bucatini

  • Angel Hair

  • Acini di Pepe

  • Gnocchi

These are just some of the tasty treats that you can eat using the same main ingredient more or less. This is precisely why Italian cuisine is so tasty. Of course, if you ask us, we will always recommend the simplest, and in our opinion the most delicious, type of spaghetti, and that’s Parmesan cheese with fresh tomato sauce.

Hardly anything beats that culinary wonder.

Mediterranean Diet

Another great dietary habit you can pick from the Italians is their love for the so-called “Mediterranean Diet”. This type of eating basically tells people to rely on green food along with any non-animal food, plus seafood.

With the amount of plastic being dumped into the seas, many people have raised an understandable question whether it is indeed a smart idea to stick to seafood given the levels of toxicity of some of the main water basins in the world.

This is a fair question that needs to be asked by regulators and people alike, but so far as the Italian palette goes, people are a little warier these days. Yet, fish and other seafood still make up the majority of the dishes Italians consume.

What else is there that makes Italy’s cuisine so special?

The Wines, Of Course!

Now, you may not be big on wines, but the simple truth is that they taste amazing. Or if you have not been blessed with the same taste buds as people who drink alcohol, then at least – wine comes in such variety that it is difficult to say no to it.

Yes, Italy is one of the countries that produce wines in general amounts. You can encounter many different sorts there – some imported, some native, and some cross-bred to create authenticity. From the single tastes to the sophisticated blends, wine variety is definitely not to be sneezed at.

This is one of Italy’s main dietary product and we can understand why. If you are wondering whether wines are healthy, there have been multiple studies that imbibing wine is indeed a past-time that Italians love.

Great Food For Working Man

With such a rich cuisine, it’s easy to choose a good meal to satisfy the appetite of a hard-working man and woman that work in the blue-collar jobs that help us all. Professionals such as Locksmiths, Plumbers, Construction Workers, and more need a good meal to give them energy to carry-on in their day.

The next time you need a locksmith and you use a service like locksmithslocator, and you engage in some small-talk, ask them what their favorite food is and maybe you will find you both like the same type of pasta.

Italy, a Land of Gastronomy

When all is said and done, Italy is indeed a land of great gastronomy. From the food to the drinks, this heaven on Earth has a lot to offer to all of you who are interested in having a good time.

Do You Love Your Special Someone?

Before we tie the knot, we all have our doubts. After all, weddings aren’t something you can easily pull out of. You can’t really change your mind, and even if you do – you risk it backfiring. Friends may not be your friends anymore, people may dislike you, others will certainly criticize you. All in all, getting married when you are not sure is not really a thing that you want to do.

So many people get cold feet that it’s almost unbelievable. Be that as it may, though, there is a way to know that you have met the right person for you. Here is our guide on finding out the best mate, or rather – confirming that you have found your mate.

Looks Matter, But What’s After That?

If looks are the only foundation of your relationship, you might be in trouble. There is so much that you need to consider when it comes to your relationship. For starters, is there a deeper foundation for it? Is there understanding and appreciation? Support and perhaps a common outlook on life? These are important. Of course, for many people, suitable looks make the most out of a situation.

You don’t have to sweat it if you look well and so does your partner. It’s as simple as that and we understand why it works this way. However, if everything is going to depend on looks alone, you will definitely find yourself in a tough situation – perhaps not any time soon, but soon enough.

Do You Love Your Partner?

Do you love your partner? Can you live without them? Is it fear that’s keeping you or you truly appreciate them? Being with someone and trusting them completely creates a sort of relationship that is difficult to just extricate out of your daily routine – it’s not about the routine whoever and it should never be. You don’t want to be putting up with habits, you want to act like and enjoy someone’s company.

Do You Love Your Special Someone?

It’s simple enough, and as you can see yourself, there are ways to check if you love a partner. If you can’t stand being away from them – this is your number one indication. However, do consider the jealousy factor. If you are just jealous that they might betray your trust and intimacy – then this is insecurity and not ‘love.’ Be able to analyze your own thoughts and desires properly.

Do You Agree About Things?

It’s important that you and your partner reach an agreement about different things and work together towards resolving any differences. This is perhaps the most important condition of them all to have a successful relationship. If a partner asks you not to leave your clothes or socks somewhere, you got to be able to sit down and really understand why they want you to do this. Rather than put up with the request that is.

For instance, guys often want to have their clothes ready and women tend to do this – it’s just one of those weird things that women do – they help men get dressed. For the life of me – I never knew why. But they do, and when they do, they have less time to get themselves dressed up. And there you have it, the moment when some men would grow impatient because they have to wait. But the only reason that you have to wait is that you have just made your partner prepare everything for you, not leaving them enough time.

You must agree that this is unfair – especially if you are getting stroppy because they aren’t quick enough, apparently.

Professions Matter?

Some people take social status too seriously, but the truth is that you can be doing any job and be earning very well. For instance, when you hear about a car locksmith, you are probably thinking that they are poor, but the truth is that a car locksmith is probably out-earning the majority of college professions. Many car locksmiths are actually well-educated and interested in electronics and all sorts of topics. If you are the type of person that would judge a person based on their profession, though, you may definitely not want to put yourself in situations where you would be criticizing your partner for nothing better than their choice of career.

Should You Spend Too Much on a Wedding?

To overspend or not to overspend, this is the question and this is what we will strive to answer today. There have been many suggestions about weddings – whether it’s just an old-fashioned tradition that signifies something.

In fact, cheating is just really a matter of being bored. In one study published in Business Insider, it turned out that men who made over 70% of the household income are far less likely to cheat than any male counterpart who earned lower than 70% of the house income.

Validation, it seems, is a powerful income for men. Even then, the question of a wedding shouldn’t be entirely off the table. Some people – who look at life frugally – are much happier not to bring it up, but others think that this is a way to grease the cogwheels of the commitment they have made to each other.

It’s definitely not without its challenges, but being part of a relationship also should translate into something ‘bigger.’ A wedding is our way of stating – loud and clear – our determination to be married to a person.

Now, the real question is – how much should you spend?

Pick Your Guests Smartly, Pick Your Venue Carefully

Now, there are some ballyhooed places where everyone is flocking to have their wedding. The question is – are they really worth it? In most times it’s just the hype of people choosing the same venue as someone close to them did – a good restaurant is definitely worth it; people seem to say.

Now, whether it is, is an entirely personal choice and there’s very little that you can do to change people’s minds about it. But the thing is – you need to pick your own venue and do so in accordance with what you like.

Should You Spend Too Much on a Wedding?

Don’t go after a fad, but rather sit down and think why you want to make sure that this is your special place. It could be the place where you met your spouse-to-be, or it could be something of equal importance.

Then again, you can just go completely wacky and have your wedding in some exotic destination. Some people are more ostentatious and they want the world to see whereas others just prefer to enjoy themselves by focusing on some zany place.

And then comes the question of who’s invited. Should you just have all your friends over? Science suggests that you most certainly should – people are far less likely to divorce if you actually have a bigger wedding.

It’s something to do with you being embarrassed about eloping on your loved one when so many people are going to find out. Oh, yes – this is society’s own checks and balances and it works a treat.

What Can Go Wrong?

Pretty much everything. The venue’s power may cut out, the DJ may fail to show up, there could be a food poisoning that takes everyone out and ruins your special day – the weather can suddenly start acting up. In fact, there is so much that can go wrong that you will often find yourself stressing over all these details.

One of the more uncomfortable situations is when someone locks himself out of the car, but there are no taxis to be found. Then, you got to call a cheap car lockout service and hope that they would be able to help.

The unpredictability of getting hitched is definitely one of the most exciting things about the whole situation. I do recommend that you have a look around and make sure to safeguard yourself against all of the ‘impervious’ as the French called them.

In other words, that’s the ‘unpredicted’ events that may come your way. Life is one big challenge. You think that you have just sorted something big out, but then there is another challenge that comes your way and you are like – alright, I must do this.

Well, a wedding is one of those big challenges, only this time – you have a whole ordeal of smaller challenges to sift through and try to solve. This is life for you – one after another, these challenges just grow on you and you are in the habit to expect them, but also to have a way out.